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Mangalam is always looking for new news/events/lectures to report on. Our youth segments are quite popular and any input/suggestions or a chance to be on the big screen are welcome with open arms! Please send us your comments, questions, thoughts or even to audition for a spot. If there is any local temple event/news you would like us to report upon, please contact us at the following addresses:


email to:

You can also call us directly for more information between 8am and 5 pm M-F. (516) 487-1852


Please leave any comments or discussion below. Thanks for visiting Mangalam!

One response

  1. BHARATI dedhia

    Please try to bring paras Jain channel from India.And onother channel is Arihant.So many people can watch Jain channel
    Thank you
    Bharati Dedhia.

    November 19, 2011 at 9:39 am

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