Be Proud of it, Be a Part of it!!!

Season 9 (Episodes 105-117)

Episode 105

Episode 106

Episode 107

Episode 108

Episode 109

Episode 110

Episode 111

Episode 112

Episode 113

Episode 114: In this episode we present the Bhaktamber dance Drama Part One. This was beautifully performed by Adinath Jinalaya pathshala students of Jain Center of America, on Mahaveer Jayanti 2011.

Episode 115:Here we present the second part of the beautiful Bhaktamber Dance Drama.  After the drama, we have Jain global news by our host Rushabh Mehta.

Episode 116: In this episode Gurudev Chitrabhanuji explains about the Divinity that resides in us all and how we can realize it. We present  Jain news from around the world followed by a dance performance.  We have youngsters talk about their art project. In the end we leave with a quote for you to ponder upon.

Episode 117: Swami Shrutpragyaji  explains about different levels of spirituality, and simple ways of achieving them. This is presented in 2 parts. In this episode we bring the first part to you. We have beautiful dance performance for you to enjoy. Our young &dynamic host Rushabh Mehta will bring news form the Jain communities around the world. Episode ends with a thought for the week for you to peruse

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