Be Proud of it, Be a Part of it!!!


Jai Jinendra,

As you know “MANGALAM” the First ever Jain TV program is on the air on weekly basis now on Sahara One Channel o0n Dish network every Saturday at 9:30 AM and again on Tuesday at 11AM. The show is a huge success. Now it is also broadcast in Canada, UK and Europe.

This is a very unique program as it has revolutionized the Jain existence in North America. This is the only program produced in USA by a community organization. This is the first time in history of our (Jains) existence in this country that we have a weekly TV presence to be recognized and understood. All Jains should be very proud of this fact

JAINA is the only religious/community organization which has a continuous TV presence to its credit.

As you know in today’s world of war and violence everywhere, the Jain Philosophy of Non Violence is more relevant than ever before.

It is our duty to spread the message to the world. We also owe it to our next generation.

To continue and sustain the weekly program on TV, we need your support. We therefore request you to be a part of this revolution and donate generously.

You could be a benefactor—

1) Grand benefactor–$5000.00   2) Gold Benefactor $3000.00,

3) Silver Benefactor—-$2000.00    4) Regular Benefactor—–$1000.00

You could be a donor by donating — () $501      () $251   () $101

() Other

Your donations are tax deductible.

Please make your tax deductible contribution checks payable to

JAINA /Media Production Committee

Send them to

Dr. Mamta Shaha, Chairman, Media Production Committee,

12 Split Rock Drive, Great Neck, NY 11024

A Non-Profit Tax Exempt Religious Organization IRS Code Section 501( c ) (3 ) El # 54-1280028


2 responses

  1. Palak

    Where would I go about buying audio cds or dvds?

    June 17, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    • hi Palak,
      I am sorry your request was not attended to for long time. The person monitoring emails probably missed it. I apologize.
      Please let us know which episode DVDs you would like to have and we would get it done for you. Making dads for use costs money and time, therefore we do it as per orders we receive.
      You could order them right here by sending us an email.

      Thanks for watching “Mangalam”.

      Mamta Shaha

      August 11, 2014 at 12:57 pm

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